About Us


Don't Give Me that 'Ole Time Religion

We are saved by God's grace, and we experience it each and every day through the gift of faith, a relationship God shares with us throughout this life and eternity. With this as the foundation, we do not believe the church is here to judge. The church is here to be the place and the people to offer up our own humble portion of help and hope not only for our members, but visitors, people in our surrounding community, and beyond. We are here, through God's grace, for each other.  



We believe worship is a unique way God speaks to us directly through the written word of the Bible and the living Word of Jesus Christ, as we gather together as children of God to be reminded of and replenished by God's ultimately never-ending, death-defying love.

On Sundays, we hold a more traditional worship service in our sanctuary at 11AM with Holy Communion every Sunday along with hymns, readings from Scripture, prayers, a time of Confession & Forgiveness, and a short homily.

On Saturdays at 5PM, we offer a more contemporary style of worship in our sanctuary with newer music, a Scripture reading, prayers, a time of Confession & Forgiveness, as well as a short reflection, and Holy Communion on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.


Congregational Leaders

Pastor:  Brad Ross

President:  Dale Kirk

Vice President:  Bonnie Piskac

Secretary:  Bill Weidman

Treasurer: Jack Schwab